Compare Bootie Shoe Cover

Our shoe covers are the answer to your dirty floor problems!

Disadvantages of paper covers

  • $.035 per pair-5 per day-$1.75 daily
  • 6 months = $227.50 per person
  • Disposable, contributes to our landfills, not green friendly
  • Little or not protection from skidding
  • May or may not be able to contain dirt, mud or grease inside
  • Small elastic top tends to be hard to fit over larger shoes or boots, and tears easily
  • Struggle to fit over large shoes/boots, requires being able to sit down to put on

Advantages of The Bootie Shoe Cover

  • $13.95 per pair--per person
  • 6 months with daily use
  • Fully Machine Washable
  • Non-Skid bottoms for traction on all surfaces, even wet surfaces
  • Lined, keeping dirt, mud, and grease on the inside of the Bootie
  • Elastic top keeps them snuggly on your shoe or boot, even oversize boots!
  • Slips easily over your shoes or boots even when standing