Hi Marla, I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great product.  I recently visited your daughters home for a pest issue and when she noticed me removing my slip on shoes, she not only very casually mentioned your product, but generously offered me a slightly used pair to try.  I was so  impressed by the quality , I told her I'd be ordering more this weekend.  I tried them at the rest of my appointments that day and was proud to have them as part of my services to protect my client's homes.  As I said to your daughter, "You just made me a better company.  Thank you.

Dans Pest Control ......Bend Oregon

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​​Bootie Shoe Cover's Testimonials

      They’re the best shoe covers we’ve ever used, and each pair lasts about a year, or              until  we leave them at a job site by accident.    Dave @ indy pro inspections

We at Sleep Country have been using The Bootie for

many years. Our delivery teams always put them on before delivering products. They work great and they also help us maintain good customer relations by keeping our customer's homes clean. We highly recommend using them.

- Paula S Sleep Country USA

Your product is amazing.  I have been using them for a couple of years now and I still have some bootie covers that I have worn in many cities.  I will not wear any other boot cover. Thank you for making such a great one.
     - Adam D.

We at Comcast, Oregon have used the bootie for many years and are very satisfied with them. Our Technicians find them easy to use and our customers appreciate that their carpets and flooring are left clean after we leave their home.
- Dave M Comcast Cable Co., Oregon USA

If you are in a customer service business where you need to enter a client's home, you need this product. Unlike disposable medical type booties, this product fits over any shoe or boot easily. The construction quality is top grade, they are washable, and durable. Our carpenters, weatherization crews, and electricians enter thousands of homes each year. Each of them have a pair of 'Booties'. Our customers love the courtesy and respect shown for their property when crew members wear the 'Bootie'. Thanks for the great product!
- Rick Richard--President, RichArt Builders/Remodelers, RichArt Weatherization, and RichArt Electric

I own Mr. Glass Inc. Window & Carpet Cleaning (in Clark County WA) and as part of our standard service my Technicians never enter a customer's home without booties on their feet. This is one of the most appreciated and noted aspects of our first-class service by our customers because when they see that we take the time to cover our shoes before we enter their home, they view it as our respect and concern for their property in action. The Bootie is not only a cost effective solution, but they also are very easy to put on and take off when quickly entering and exiting our customer's home. The booties are very durable and whenever they get dirty (inside or out) we just throw in the washing machine and they come out looking like new again!  When we order, the customer service is always great and the fact that we are supporting our community by using another locally owned business is an added value!    
AAron Johnson {Mr. Glass}

These booties have not only changed our business but how we are viewed by the client and the Realtor's. I can't tell you the number of real estate professionals that have positively commented on our inspectors wearing the bootie covers. They are really impressed that we are showing respect for the home we are inspecting. I believe the booties are getting us addition work as a result. I couldn't be more pleased, they look good, last a long time, and are very affordable.
- Steve G--Instructor

I have had the pleasure of working with the “Bootie” company for many years and wanted to say, the Bootie Shoe Cover Co., is one of our top notch vendors to work with.  They always take care of all our orders or any problems we might have ASAP and are very helpful in finding our needs, that fits us, as a customer.  Thank you, Marla and Randy for being there for us!

Chrystall H.
Mattress Firm  Family of Brands